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Star citizen trade route calculator

Trade Profit Calculator. Some juicy teasers in this weeks Around the Verse. My Freelancer is fuelled and ready to haul. Eventually I would like to pair this with a server but that will depend on what CIG will offer in terms of trade data APIs if anything. Since the data sets for commodities across the or so eventual systems could be quite large I'm not holding my breath, but I'll quietly hope.

Disclaimer: I'm not a designer, hence the generic placeholder styles. Everything here is quite manual - you will need to know the numbers to input. This should help if people smarter than me make more meaningful calculations. This would make it much more user-friendly in the long term. The galactic map looks fairly straight forward to bring in and calculate jump point relationships. It may be feasible to calculate both the safest and shortest trips to maximise profits.

Quantum Fuel. They can get complex and not obvious what those calculations mean in the interface. Not a priority, but the basics are in place needs interfaces.

Contribution If you want to contribute to this project, all are welcome. If you want to take the code and do your own thing with it, you are also welcome project is open source, you just need to keep proper attribution as per the MIT license. What I would like to do is harvest that information and feed it into these expressions and build predictions on profitable trade routes. That's a fair way off, if it ever comes at all.

And finally If you want to point out the lack of commenting and missing code optimisation I won't take offence, just remember this represents a day or so of effort.

I will tweak it once we actually get trading in game. Thank you Ironik. Email This BlogThis! Labels: CalculatorTrade. Newer Post Older Post Home.Page last updated: 15th April Whenever useful resources are found around the web relating to Star Citizen they will be added to this Star Citizen resources page. A collection of some rare and very important Star Citizen tools and resources.

This list is compiled completely for free to resources that are useful for Star Citizen.

star citizen trade route calculator

Every tool on this list is free to use, just like this website. If any of these tools or resources become paid in the future they will be removed from this page. Save the images you make.

Superb must check out Star Citizen tool. Amazing work again by Redditor YT-O. Click to go to the original full size image. Of the three trading apps mentioned below, only Gallog. Stunning Star Citizen in-game screenshots by the amazing Mr. Available in English and German. A great place for starting players to get a comprehensive introduction. Teamspeak - Probably still the best tool for hierarchical organization communication and coordination.

Finally an official tool where testers can check their system specifications and compare them with others. Wonder no more about where your rig will lie in terms of the FPS playing field.

Ship and weapon stats and damage simluator. Mobile and PC friendly. Many ship pictures. Great site.The fundamental flaw in most public resources we identified was the lack of Supply and Demand tracking.

Often a suggested route would lead you to purchase more of an item than the destination could buy without having to wait for in game timers to refresh. With that as the foundation in mind our App was born. The home screen will present you with the options to set the following parameters to calculate the best trade route for yourself.

The key elements to generating an accurate route for yourself are: Select Ship — From the drop down menu select the ship you will be flying. Quantum Drive — Automatically fills in to select the default Quantum Drive of the ship identified under Ship Selection. If you have modified the drive in your ship you can select the appropriate upgrade. Doing this will then re-calibrate the results based on the new flight times. TIP adjust this amount if running multiple ships and you wish to see the results of the total convey.

Investment — Enter in the total capital you have to trade. So entering 10 is calculated as 10, aUEC. Select Start Location — This feature will ensure that you can trade from your current location.

For more specific route requests you can also select from the following options: Select Final Destination — By default this is set to Generate Loop which will look for routes that return you back to your starting location allowing you to repeat the same route numerous times. You can select a specific location if you wish simply to make money while traveling from where you are to your desired location.

Trade Type — Allows you to filter how many stops are included in each trade. NOTE in the current iteration of the system each query set is run only within the selected parameter from this field. Repeatability — This option changes the risk profile of the suggested routes. As some routes have higher profit profiles but lower supply and demand the ability to repeat the loop can be adversely effected by other traders.

Standard Risk should allow for hours of trade without running into buy or sell limits. After you have supplied the calculator with your trade profile it will recommend a series of Trade Routes. The results are stacked based on what is the most profitable per second. This of course factors flight time as well as total profit of the run in an effort to maximize the money earned for your time in the verse.

Most of the time this will be amount you can afford or that your ship can hold. In some cases this will be based on the limited number of units your next destination can buy so be mindful of this number. The GREY figure is the total stock that can accumulate over time.

Restock: How quickly that location restocks enough to refill your ship. This is represented as a total as well as how many units per minute restock at the location. Be mindful of the units per min as this can help to chose the proper route during times of heavy trade such as after a patch launch. The GREY figure is the total demand that can accumulated over time.

Further Options: In the instance that the recommended Cargo does not fill your hull due to demand restrictions at the destination a second cargo recommendation can be added in to increase profit.

The benefit of a second cargo can vary greatly. An intermediate trader should consider using this additional feature to expand their trading prowess. It is useful for excluding illegal goods and other undesired items. Trade Route Total. NOTE if you intend to trade multiple loops during a game play session make sure to use this figure over the Total Profit figure to determine the best route for maximum profit for your time invested.

Star Citizen PU 3.5 trading guide

This is based on the regeneration rates highlighted from each location shown above. Run Time: This is the total time to complete the trade route. Simply provide the calculator with the required fields and it will recommend your best options to sell. The Terminals Tab at the top of the screen allows you to see snap shot of every trade terminal ordered by location.

Once expanded you will see a listing of what can be bought and what can be sold to the outpost.Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. Greetings, finally the game seems mature enough to bother setting up my HOTAS and buying and selling stuff in the verse. I have loaded my Freelancer with about 19 commodities from Agricume at I have some data on revenue based on the amount you need to invest in the cargo.

I have noticed that prices vary at some locations, I suspect based on the degree to which the demand is satisfied so it is possible that margins on runs will change if they become too popular.

This variation could also be random, just logging in and out of the terminal has changed some of the pricing. Best return so far for investments under 10, is Processed Food at a run. Investments up near 20, you can get up to 1, a run for Stims. At 35, or so you can get up to 2, a run for Distilled Spirits. The big dog so far is Medical Supplies forearning 7, a run. I have not made any of these runs as my cargo compartment is filled with crates of different commodities so I can see who is buying what and for how much.

These numbers assume units per run which seems to be the count regardless of material volume or weight commodity units per cargo space unit regardless of the commodity. The more of us running around the faster we can map the area and make trade roots. I have not figures all the jump lanes, but from different locations you jump into orbits at different locations requiring additional jumps so developing the best trade routes will require good jump maps.

If you have further information to share, please do. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Existing user? Sign in anonymously. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Twitter. Forum Rules. Recommended Posts. Posted September 2, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Now. Go To Topic Listing. Similar Content. Pretty rare package! PM if interested. Hello Citizens! Let me introduce our great company Warf-ish Industries started as the Star Citizen universe came We are currently trying to expend as much as possible, and for that we need YOU!Star Citizen major patch 3. Time for the Collective to head back to our main business: Trading high-valuable commodoties. Here here is intel, straight from the verse to boost your auec balance in the latest patch.

Our Member Rico created a guideline video for you guys which some pretty details to make it really easy! How to get to Nuen Waste Management From our experiance, the best and safest place to sell Neon is Hickes Research Outpost on Cellin, you can easily reach it by using your quatum drive.

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star citizen trade route calculator

Load video. Always unblock YouTube. If you have trouble finding Jumptown, its still on Yela and you can use our Guide to get there! Tradesheet by Kamille is now a Website Everyone how has been doing traderuns across Crusader and maybe also Hursten might have came to the point where you stumbled upon a really pretty google-spreadsheet made by a guy named Kamiile.

The Website is still leaking some data and everyone is invited update the commodities with screenshot-proofs. You must be logged in to post a comment. Learn more Load video Always unblock YouTube. You may also like. Join the Discussion Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.Spreadsheets are icky….

The premise is simple: create an app that records prices across all possible trading locations, then display that information in a relevant way to maximize profit during cargo runs. Then, using that information, you can calculate your most profitable trade run s from your given starting location, considering the amount of aUEC you have and your free SCU space. It currently works from "crowd-sourced" price reporting, allowing all users to contribute to price reports to keep the data as fresh as possible.

The currently published version is merely the beginning. With that said, here is what you can currently do:. However, by filling in these fields, the app will "recommend" the top 3 routes, based on your available funds and SCU space. They all rely upon a single service, no different than the login services, etc. Thus all prices would be the same across all servers. Any observed fluctuations could simply be attributed to other players on other servers conducting trade transactions, thereby affecting the prices.

The only way to truly find that out is either through a CIG response, observing statistically significant variations in the data you guys report to the web app, or by using multiple friends across multiple servers and observing material price differences be mindful of the Olisar strut bug. So simply keep this in mind while using the app. This is going to be one of my largest areas of focus for improving the app. TexasSkulls TexasSkulls. Spreadsheets are icky… The premise is simple: create an app that records prices across all possible trading locations, then display that information in a relevant way to maximize profit during cargo runs.

What Is It? Features The currently published version is merely the beginning. With that said, here is what you can currently do: - Anonymously view which locations buy and sell which commodities. Much more to come!

star citizen trade route calculator

Calculate the trade runs that will net you the most bang for your buck! Download Image. Bulk report prices to help contribute and maintain up-to-date prices. See real-time stats on how many people are making how many reports. Dig deep into a specific commodity at a specific location. See which items are traded at which locations.

View commodity specific pages with all its pricing details by trading hub. View trading hub specific pages with all its pricing details by commodity.On StarCitizen. I will develop and maintain tools that I need and will use, this way I will keep myself interested in the project and myself-criticism level high.

Also, in the near future, I hope to make my full time job out of this website with the community support of course! It is the first app I made for Star Citizen Center, mainly to learn more about TheVerse and increase my hauling profits. Route planner is focused on specific aspects of traveling so I can make it better in some aspects then the CIG apps, but will lack features from other departments like 3D or communication with the ship ingame.

The app is composed of multiple tools, but all of them have the same purpose: present the Starmap database and CIG Lore in a compact friendly way. The Star citizen universe is large, it has over celestial objects and 90 solar systems, but finding a new location shouldn't be hard. To help the prospectors, explorers and citizens that want to find new places to visit we created a series of tags, you can call them labels or categories.

If your org has a discord server you can use Janus to entertain your members or do boring admin tasks. It has some builtin functions and can be easily extended with minimal javascript programming experience. I made this with the support of my family and with a contagious passion from CIG studios. In a random order:. This site, like many others, uses small files called cookies to help us customise your experience.

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Trade Profit Calculator

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